Today I have a review of the Belkin Emerge 065 Case for iPhone 4/4s. The case retails for £5.99 on

The case comes in a really nice simple packaging. In the box you just get the case, nothing else is included.

The case itself is made out of plastic and fits the iPhone very tightly. It comes in multiple colours, I have the brown version. The case is designed very well, and the wood texture at the bottom is actually textured so it feels like wood.

The cut-outs on the case are spot on. The camera cut-out is prefect and causes no flash issues. The headphone and lock button cut-out is wide open and causes no problems. The dock connector and speakers also have a wide open cut-out so they’re also easy to get to. The volume buttons and mute switch have an open cut-out so they’re easy to access.

The case doesn’t feature a lay-on-the-table design which is a downside to me. The case also has an embossed Belkin logo on it.

Overall, the Belkin Emerge 065 is a very nice case. The design and cut-outs are perfect. If the case had a lay-on-the-table design, it would be perfect for me. For £5.99, you can’t go wrong.

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