YouTube CameraTo continue with getting Google services back on iOS, today Google released YouTube Camera.

YouTube Camera is a dedicated video capture app for iPhone which allows users to upload videos to YouTube instantly with no effort needed.

The app allows you to record video as soon as you open the app, which suits the tagline “Life moves fast”. Then you can caption, share and upload it straight to YouTube. It will also continue to upload the video even when the app is minimized.


YouTube explains that: “You can control who sees your video by setting it to private (only you can view it), unlisted (only people with a link to the video can view it), or public (to let it shine to the world),”.

This app isn’t a glorified uploader however, you can also add colour correction and stabilize your video. You can also trim the video, as well as adding free background music for YouTube’s large collection.

YouTube Camera is also a landscape app, so you can’t record video in portrait orientation – which is pretty handy.

YouTube Camera is available now for iPhone in the App Store for free.

Get this app in the app store.

(Source: Pocket-Lint)