youtubeforios2 Today I have a review of YouTube for iOS. YouTube for iOS is free in the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The app has two columns. The left column is similar to the YouTube “guide” that is now on the new YouTube layout. It shows links to all the channels you are subscribed to as well as link to your own channel and a button to view the settings of the app. The right column is where all of the video content is. On the Home Feed section of the app, you are greeted with your subscription box. It has large thumbnails with video information like the name of the channel who uploaded the video and the title of the video.

Once you are on a video page, the layout is pretty similar to YouTube on the desktop. It has a large video player that has all the controls like play/pause and fullscreen. In fullscreen, you can like or dislike a video and add it to a your favourites or share it to your social networks. Underneath the video, there is the title and uploader of the video with buttons to like or dislike and share the video. There is also the video description and the comments section where you can add your own and reply to others’ comments. To the right of the video, there are the suggested videos.

youtubeforiosThe app works in both portrait and landscape and work pretty well in either view. In portrait, the left column is hid most of the time unless you press the menu button at the top left of the app or slide your finger from the left of the screen.

Overall, the app is well designed and features most of the features that you can use on YouTube on the desktop. It is a great client and because it’s from Google directly this time, you know that Google will keep updating and improving the app.

If you are a YouTube addict like me then this app is great for you. It’s free for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in the Apple App Store.

Get this app in the app store.