Apple EarPods

With the latest generation of iOS devices, excluding the iPad, Apple released a brand new set of headphones that get bundled with the devices. The Apple EarPods are one of the most recognisable pair of headphones on the market today; the white design shows that you have an Apple device. You can purchase them separately for £25 ($29).

The EarPods have a brand new design to them. They have a “unibody” design and have been engineered to stay and fit into many ears. They are a quite comfortable headphone, and it sometimes feels like they aren’t even in my ears. With the way the EarPod is designed, the sound is directed into your ear. This is a great design feature as it makes the sound produced sound better. The EarPods aren’t noise-canceling, so you can still hear the loud world around you. This may be an issue if you like to listen to music in loud places, such as a bus or a train. If you do increase the noise-level of your music, people around you will hear it – which isn’t good if you enjoy your music loud. They don’t form a vacuum like traditional in-ear earbuds, but they do go deeper into your ear. They do feel like they are going to fall out of your ear, but they don’t ever seem to.

Apple EarPods

Apple EarPodsThe EarPods are defiantly better that their predecessor, but they still don’t perform that well in terms of audio quality.  However, the EarPods do perform well when they are used in a phone call via the in-built microphone. The control remote is very helpful as well. It is 25% larger than the one on its predecessor, which is a plus. The volume buttons are larger and easier to press, along with the play/pause button. The cable is pretty much the same as the one on the old earbuds, so the cable can still be tangled incredibly easily. It still uses the same 3.5mm jack plug which can be used with pretty much any device with the port.

The audio quality is slightly improved, but it still isn’t great. In noisy places, the EarPods don’t seem to produce the fuller sound that is needed for music too sound good. In a quiet room however, the EarPods perform well and sound pretty reasonable.

Apple EarPods

Overall, it’s safe to say that Apple defiantly improved the inexpensive earbuds that come bundled with any iDevice. That said, I wouldn’t recommend them as a product on their own. The audio improvements are good, but they are hard to appreciate outside of a quiet place. They are pretty comfortable compared to their predecessor and the bigger remote is a great addition. If you do get these with your iDevice, then I would recommend that you spend some money on a better pair of headphones. They are great as a second set though. The EarPods are probably the best-sounding earbuds you will find for their £25 ($29) price tag, but that doesn’t mean they are a good pair of earbuds.

You can buy them directly from Apple here.