iPad 2 Leather Smart Cover with Back Protection Red typing stand

9to5mac has been sent a message from an anonymous source. In this message an image from a high profile retailer’s database that appears to point to an “ultimate” version of the fourth generation iPad in both Wi-Fi and cellular models. Also this will be most likely be in Black and White as well.

Technobuffalo has said –

The latest version of the iOS 6.1 beta has been found to contain some code that points to 128GB devices being supported by the operating system. To date Apple has not released any iOS-powered device with that capacity, and the mere fact the support is there does not guarantee that such a device is on its way. Additionally, the most recent release of iTunes was also found to have hidden support for 128GB devices, so it seems that indeed Apple may be getting ready for such a device.

Although this is most likely going to be the most expensive iPads of all time. The normal 64gb iPad comes out at $699, so we are expecting it at least $799 or even more. There is no clear indication whether this is related to a 5th gen iPad we’ll just have to wait and see.

[Via Technobuffalo]