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GO Launcher EX is a free simple download from the Google Play Store and it allows you to completely change the look of your phone. If you’re running an old version of Android, you may want to get some of the new features that are in Jelly Bean and GO Launcher EX has some of those features.

GO Launcher EX also speeds up your device slightly. I’ve noticed that the app drawer and apps load quicker whilst I use the launcher.

You can also find hundreds of themes that make your device look and feel completely different and original to you. Most of them are free, but you can buy themes if you want to. The selection of themes is great, but I like to use the default one that comes with the launcher.

The launcher also comes with various widgets and lockscreens that you can download from the Google Play Store. The widgets range from social widgets to weather and calendar widgets.

Likewise, there is amazing app management functions. You can hide apps and sort them into folders. You can also search for apps right in the app drawer.

If you’re looking for a change for your Android Phone, but you don’t want to buy a new one, check out GO Launcher EX. If you take the time to look at what it offers, you will be amazed. I’ve only scratched the surface but you can find some really awesome things in the launcher.

You can get it for free in the Google Play Store here.