Angry Birds Star Wars is the latest edition of the bird-flinging franchise. It features level designs and character designs similar to the films. The game features over 100 levels in the iconic locations like Tatooine and the Death Star. It features brand new gameplay mechanics, like using lightsabers, blasters and the force to destroy the Imperial Pigs.

The gameplay is exactly the same to previous Angry birds instalments. You have to fling a bird from a slingshot and fire it into to an assortment of objects and destroy the pigs.

It uses a 3-star level rating system. If you use the least amount of birds to destroy the pigs, the higher the score you get – thus giving you 3 stars. It’s a simple gameplay mechanic that is quite easy to get to grips with.

Overall, Angry Birds Star Wars is an awesome trip down memory lane for Star Wars fans. If you like Angry Birds then this instalment should suffice your need to fling birds. It’s nice to see memorable locations and characters from the films in the iconic Angry Birds style. The game however does get repetitive, but it does try to vary the level objectives to keep you playing.

You can get it for free in the Google Play Store for Android, or pay £0.69 or $.99 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.