Outlook.com Officially Replaces Hotmail


This Tuesday, Microsoft officially launched Outlook.com, marking the end of its predecessor, Hotmail.

Nearly 7 months after its initial release last July, Microsoft announced the end of the beta in a blog post.

Microsoft said it will switch users over to the new service ‘soon’ but won’t force them to change their email addresses to ‘outlook.com’. They added that users should expect the change this summer.

Everything from their @hotmail.com email address, password, messages, folders, contacts, rules, vacation replies, etc. will stay the same, with no disruption in service.

The company also revealed that over 60 million people are actively using Outlook.com.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57Xk4kbm0cs]

To mark the launch of Outlook.com, Microsoft released two ads as part of its worldwide marketing campaign. These ads are designed to showcase the features of Outlook.com. One ad, below, gives a brief overview of Sweep, a feature that allows users to clear out their inbox by mass deleting, moving and archiving messages.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRsojCj4Vws]

Microsoft said that it had been receiving and applying feedback from ‘early adopters’ during the trial period. “We’ve used that to add new features and fine-tune the services to scale.”

(Source: Mashable)


One thought on “Outlook.com Officially Replaces Hotmail

  1. Microsoft can blow it out its A-$-$….the changes have been FORCED on many and that is called Totalitarian Authority…This was done without Authorization, By Request or Warning. Accounts were automatically changed over and I don’t care how the great service(s) are supposed to be—if it is done without permission–is Condescedning, Demeaning and Facist. I know because it was done to MY ACCOUNT. Phasing in over time with ample notification is one thing–Taking over and Switching the account without permission is the same as Hacking. Screw Microsoft. I hope Gmail runs them into the ground!

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