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Canonical has announced it’s Ubuntu tablet interface, after announcing Ubuntu phone interface back in January.

Ubuntu on tablets is built off the same core as the mobile handset experience, but it has a focus on multi-tasking, sleekness and productivity. The “Side Stage” multitasking ability allows a phone app on the screen as well as a tablet app. There is a similar feature on the mobile version for easy multitasking.


Canonical has built the tablet interface for devices ranging from 6-inch to 20-inch tablets, boasting a 100 to 450 PPI screen quality. It seems that Canonical is creating a complete operating system experience, so that it works across a PC, Tablet and a Phone.

Not only do we integrate phone apps in a distinctive way, we shift from tablet to PC very smoothly in convergence devices

Other features include a secure multi-user sign-in environment similar to what we see on Android Jelly Bean, a voice-controlled heads-up display, and media integration.

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The media integration was mentioned briefly back in January at Canonical’s press event, as the company has plans to create a docking capabilities to the desktop and television. Canonical says this will be a seamless experience, as Ubuntu is a massive OS for many devices.

As for the phone, no hardware or carrier partners were announced, but they are expected to be released later this year. Canonical will be at Mobile World Congress 2013 in late February showing off the operating system.


(Source: Pocket-lint)