Official Wii U Controller
Official Wii U Controller (Credit: Nintendo)

It usually takes at least 2 years for a major console to devalue so much, but with the Wii U it only took 3 months. Is this console such a major flop or was it priced wrong in the first place.

TechRadar Says – With Nintendo adamant it will not introduce price cutsat this early stage, supermarket chain Asda has taken the initiative and slashed £50 off the RRP for its Wii U consoles.

I will have to admit myself that this console is just to way over priced. And also I just feel that it just doesn’t have a major difference to the Nintendo Wii. I have tried it, and at the moment I don’t like it.

At the moment I think that ASDA is doing the right thing as most people can’t afford such the expense and this question has to be asked with the new Playstation 4 will it just cost to much.

[Via TechRadar]