The Mummy for iPhone 5 is made out of TPU with ‘Soft Touching’ so it feels nice in hand and gives an alright grip to the iPhone. It comes in 7 different colours, including Black, Red, White and Sky Blue. It has a really nice glossy finish so it looks pretty stylish.

Inside the package, you also get a Foldable Video Stand, A Microfiber cloth and a screen protector. The video stand is quite neat. It has three different viewing angles and it can hold the phone, with or without a case, in portrait or landscape. The screen protector is pretty standard and is a great addition.

The design of the Mummy allows you firmly grip the phone. It also looks pretty nice. The back of the case features an engraved Musubo logo.

The lightning connector and speaker cut-outs are quite generous. The case features TPU buttons of for the volume controls and lock switch. They offer quite good feedback and work really well. The mute switch has a good cut-out and allows you to use it with ease. The camera cut-out is the perfect size and it also has a black ring around it so there are no flash issues. The case also has a lip around the screen so there is a lay-on-the-table design.

Overall, The Mummy for iPhone 5 from Musubo is a great all around case. It offers great protection and good cut-outs. It comes in many different colours to suit your taste. The included accessories are also a great addition to the purchase. It retails for $30 on Musubo’s website. However, TPU case may not be your thing so make sure you check out Musubo’s other cases.



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