This bumper-style case has a simple design which offers some protection and the ability to view the back of the iPhone. I like the fact that you can see the back as it’s one of the best features of the iPhone 5’s design.

The case is made out of strong TPU and has cut-outs and buttons for the appropriate features of the phone. The bumper portion of the case comes in either black or white. The design is quite nice and it looks good on the phone. The case however doesn’t have a lay-on-the-table design so if you place your phone screen down on a table, the screen may get scratched.

The cut-outs for the lightning connector, speaker and headphone jack are spot on and allow easy access. The lock button has a soft plastic button covering it, this button has good feedback. The volume buttons and mute switch also have good access, the mute switch is pretty easy to get to. The camera cut-out is spot on but because the back of the case is clear, you may get flash issues in certain scenarios.

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Overall, the Casestyle iPhone 5 Bumper with Clear Back is a great case for the iPhone 5. It has a minimal design so you are still able to the beauty that is the iPhone. The cut-outs are good and the buttons are quite responsive. If you’re looking for a basic case to cover your phone, then go for this one. The only downside to this case, is the fact that there is no lay-on-the-table design. The case retails for £12 on Casestyle.co.uk.