Is iOS Getting Old?

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 (Source: Flickr)

The iPhone was released in 2007, and since then iOS has looked relatively the same.

Steve Jobs did however say that iOS was “revolutionary” and “five years ahead” of the competition. That five years was up in January 2012. A year ago.

However, iOS is easy to use, fluid and very stable. Other platforms don’t have these same credentials. Take a look at Android for an example, it’s buggy and crashes on older devices. The only good Android experience comes from Google’s own devices. Sure, there are hundreds of devices to choose from with Android, but the only good experience comes from a small amount of devices.

iOS has a good ecosystem, a great selection of apps and a good design. But that design has been the same since it’s release. The addition of wallpapers was massive improvement. Finally you could get rid of that black background and look at a colourful image. But the core iOS design is stale and boring. I find myself changing my iPhone’s wallpaper at least once a day just so I don’t get bored.

iOS is limited yes, but it just works. I hate saying that but it’s true. I like how iOS is right now. It’s usable and apps don’t force close that often – looking at you Android. Sure it would be nice if you could theme your device without Jailbreaking, but that will never happen. Apple wants a closed operation system where you, the user, follows Apple’s rules and nothing else.

iPhone (1st Generation) - LeftiPhone 5 (Latest Generation) - Right

iPhone (1st Generation) – Left
iPhone 5 (Latest Generation) – Right

If Apple drastically changed it’s design of iOS, the entire world would go crazy. Most people hate change. Apple should slowly introduce different design ideas to iOS and slowly adopt them. Then in a few years, iOS should look completely different than it does now.

What parts of iOS’ design would you change if you could? Tell us below!


3 thoughts on “Is iOS Getting Old?

  1. Andrus is buggy and crashes on OLDER DEVICES. Don’t generalize Android based on older Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich devices. That’s like me saying that my iPhone 2g is super slow and crashes constantly. My Nexus 4 hasn’t had ONE crash, and I have over 100 apps and games of all types.

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