This case has a simple plastic hard shell design which offers moderate drop protection and the back of the case has a textured leather back. I like that it has a plastic shiny trim which looks nice on the phone.

The back leather of the case provides a very nice grip to the phone which really helps drop protection as it will not slip out of your hands as easy as some other cases.

The case provides good cut outs for the volume buttons and the mute switch. Also the lightning connector, speakers and headphone jack have wide open cutout for easy access. The lock button also has a wide open cutout for easy access.


The cut-out for the camera is the perfect size but is also reflective, so you may get flash issues.

It comes in either black, red or pink leather to suit your taste. Although it might be quite nice in other colours such as blue or brown.

The case fits snugly into the phone which provides a solid feel.


Overall The iPhone 5 Metal Case with Black Leather Back from is a great case for the iPhone 5. All the ports and buttons are accessible and provides a great grip to the phone. The only thing I can say is it feels a bit cheap and there is not a huge section of colours. It retails on for £10.

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