Protective Flip PU Leather Case with Card Slots for iPhone 5 Black

This leather flip case feels very nice in the hand and is quite premium considering the price. As it is a flip case, the phone is covered and this is nice because the screen is protected as well as the back. The leather of the case is quite nice and doesn’t feel fake.

The case is constructed out of strong TPU and soft PU leather. The plastic insert has a tight hold on the phone and adds an extra layer of protection. The card slots in the inside of the case are a great addition as it’s nice to keep your credit card of Starbucks card with your phone.

The inside of the leather has a microfiber layer and this is helpful as it cleans your screen whilst the case is closed. The case has a built-in stand functionality, and this is quite cool as it is easier to watch videos or type long emails. The case also comes in 5 different colours to suite your taste.

Protective Flip PU Leather Case with Card Slots for iPhone 5 Black

The cut-outs of the case are acceptable. The lightning connector, speaker and headphone jack have a wide open cut-out so it’s easy to access them. The volume buttons and mute switch are open and are easy to get to. The lock button also has a wide open cut-out so you can get to it. The camera cut-out is the right size, but when the case is unfolded the camera is blocked. This is a bad design feature as you can’t use the camera.

Overall, the Protective Flip PU Leather Case with Card Slots for iPhone 5 is a premium case for a fraction of the price. The cut-outs are designed well, except for the camera, and the stand functionality is a great addition. The leather feels high quality and looks premium. If you are looking for a premium case for a cheap price then this is the case for you. The fact that you can’t use the camera in certain situations is a downside for me. It retails on for £4.

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