At a press conference today, Mark Zuckerberg and a few members of Facebook unveiled Facebook Home for Android. ‘The family of apps that puts your friends at the heart of your phone.”

When you turn your phone, you see a steady slideshow of photos and status updates from our friends. When you get notifications you can access them quickly and actually see who they are from. You can also keep chatting with friends with ‘Chat Heads’ that put your conversations on top of any app in your phone.

Cover Feed - Facebook Home

Cover Feed

Cover feed puts your friends updates straight onto your lock screen. As soon as you turn your phone on, you are greater with a stream of posts from News Feed. It puts the spotlight on whatever your friends are sharing now – photos, status updates, links and more.

Notifications from all of your apps – including Facebook updates – will appear on the Cover Feed screen and stay there until you dismiss them. Profile pictures and app icons make it easier to see what’s what. You can tap the stuff you care about, and swipe away the stuff you don’t.

Chat Heads - Facebook Home

Chat Heads & Messenger

Chat - Facebook Home

With Chat Heads, you can send and receive texts and Facebook message in one easy to locate place. Profile pictures allow you to see who is who and make the whole experience more personal.
With Chat Heads, the conversations stick around throughout your phone and allow you to tap into them when you need too. Your friend’s profile pictures stay on top while you surf the net, update your Facebook or watch videos. You can also drag the chats around the screens so they don’t get in the way.


App Launcher

Your phone’s installed apps aren’t hidden in Facebook Home, they are under a menu that allows you to choose your favourite apps and place them in separate screens. You can also add more screens if you need that one game in your favourites list.

App Launcher - Facebook Home

If you already have and Android phone, you can download Facebook Home on April 12th on certain devices: HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II.

HTC and AT&T have partnered to make the HTC First, a HTC phone that comes pre-installed with Facebook Home. And you guessed it, you can purchase it on April 12th for $99. It will also be released in the UK on EE and Orange.

(Source: Facebook Home)