A few of Apple-focused bloggers claimed iOS 7 was running behind schedule and that it would bring a significant user interface refresh.

Designer F. Bianco has posted a set of images to Flickr which shows some thoughts on what iOS 7 could really look like. In the concept images there is no big software change but a new way of looking at it. The design is fresh and very simple. He also thinks there is going to be a new lock screen, widgets and also my favourite Mission Control.

iOS 7 concept images

The last two images demonstrate what the widgets could look like. This has been designed so that you don’t really have to open the app to look at the content, which is really cool.

Here is a quick video on the concept.

As a round up I think that this design is very new and exciting if this actually happened. Hopefully Apple have started to get the message that users want a new design change, because it is starting to get a bit boring to users who have been using the OS since 2007.

Here is a link to a post about the history of iOS – by Liam Wise

[Via Macrumors]