Cover Feed - Facebook Home

With the release of Facebook Home, it is only suitable for Facebook to release an ad for the app. The ad surprisingly stars Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and isn’t your average commercial. The ad focuses on how Facebook Home introduces a completely new experience for your Android phone and  it also shows a nice behind-the-scenes look at Facebook.

The ad is named ‘Launch Day’ and is about Zuckerberg delivering the final speech before they made Facebook Home to the public, but they quickly cut away to an employee named Joey. Joey is using Facebook Home to it’s fullest; swiping around Chat Heads and interacting with Cover Feed. Everything he sees in his feed plays in real-time, even a screaming goat – which is utterly hilarious. It focuses on how Facebook Home puts people first on your phone, which Zuckerberg addressed heavily at the event.


The project is just starting, and it will be interesting how the whole things plays out.

(Via: TechnoBuffalo)