Update: You can now download the 6.0 update from the App Store.

Facebook is bringing the new Chat Heads feature from Facebook Home to its iOS app, All Things D reports. The update should go live later today via the App Store. Facebook were apparently previously in talks with Apple to bring Facebook Home to iOS, but Facebook can bring some of the features to its iOS app with the support from Apple.

Chat Heads iOS

The Verge got a hands-on preview of the update:

Within the Facebook app, you can pop-out Chat Heads for your conversations, but they won’t work anywhere else because of the way that iOS keeps apps sandboxed. Just as with Android, Chat Heads pop out on incoming Facebook Messages (but not for SMS), or you can open a new one directly yourself. You can drag them around to reposition them, and when they’re open you have immediate access to your conversation on top of whatever you’re doing on Facebook. On the iPad’s larger screen, Facebook has decided to array them vertically on the left instead of horizontally across the top.

The update also brings ‘Stickers’, which are large Emoji-style images that can be sent to friends. It also includes an updated iPad interface, which is streamlined and optimised for the larger screen size.

(Via: MacRumors)