Twitter Ads

The popular micro-blogging site, Twitter, is now changing the way it delivers ads on the site. The company is now target ads to you based on the words within your tweets. The new feature, “keyword targeting in timelines”, just rolled out over 15 languages.

Twitter is emphasising that this won’t mean that more ads are getting shown, just ads that are relevant to your interests. For example, if you tweet about your love for Doritos and you hatred of Mountain Dew; you won’t see ads for Mountain Dew, you will see ads for Doritos. If you don’t want to the see the ads though, you can easily dismiss them.

This does mean that advertisers will be able to target users that are actually interested in their product, rather than their people you follow or your location. If you receive a coupon for a restaurant when you want food, you will use that coupon. Advertisers need that timing, and because Twitter is real-time, this is a great reason to advertise on Twitter.

However, this may weird out a number of users though. Gmail reads you emails to deliver ads relevant to you, so now Twitter is effectively reading you tweets.

(Via: TechnoBuffalo)