Twitter unveiled #Music this week which is a visual way to discover popular music and artists that your friends are listening to that you may not know about. You can sign into the service using your Twitter account and it brings you to page that shows you what is popular on Twitter.

Twitter #Music

The service is split into four sections; Popular, Emerging, Suggested and #NowPlaying. They each show a large grid of album art that allows you to visually explore music rather than seeing lists of artist names and track titles.

When you hit play on a song, you hear a short iTunes preview which is great if you are trying to find new music. You can listen to full tracks by connecting your Spotify and Rdio accounts, but you need Spotify premium to use Spotify.

Twitter #Music - Suggested

The Popular section is pretty useless if you ask me. It’s basically a list of songs that everybody is sharing on Twitter. You cant find similar lists on iTunes and Spotify.

Twitter #Music - Suggested

The Emerging section allows you to find brand new artists that no-one you know have probably ever heard of. I like this section and I will probably use it the most because I love finding new artists that are better than the artists in the charts.

Twitter #Music - Suggested

The Suggested section shows you a list of artists that you may like based on what you have already tweeted about. This is great for me as I like similar genres of music so it shows me music that sounds similar to what I already listen too.

Twitter #Music - #NowPlaying

The #NowPlaying section shows you what the people you follow are listening to. When they tweet a song with #NowPlaying in the tweet, it shows up here.

Some sections are more useful than others, but I really don’t see the need for another music discovery service. You can find similar functions in iTunes or Spotify but Twitter #Music’s interface is so much better. Twitter #Music is great if you use Twitter and you love sharing music and finding new music, but if you already use services like iTunes, Spotify or Rdio, you don’t really need Twitter #Music. Give it a try at

I won’t be using it, will you? Tell us below.