The INLITE case 5 from Sinjimoru is a thin and sleek bumper for the iPhone 5. It allows you to protect the edges of your phone, whilst keeping the beauty of the iPhone intact.


The bumper is 0.9mm thick and it wraps around the iPhone perfectly. It is made out of a transparent, flexible plastic so that you can easily put it on your device. It protects the sides of your iPhone from scratches but nothing else.


The bumper doesn’t have a lay-on-the-table design so the front of your iPhone isn’t safe from the world. The back however does have a lip so it is somewhat protected.


You can easily access all of the buttons and ports around the device and it also has a lanyard hole so you can easily attach keychains, headphones and other objects to your phone.


It comes in six different colours so you choose your favourite, but with the bumper being transparent they aren’t distinctive as I would have liked.

If you are looking for a sleek bumper style case for your iPhone 5 then go with the Sinjimoru INLITE case. It looks great and is made out of durable plastic. It doesn’t protect your phone however, the front glass ins’t protected in any way so it can be damaged. The ports and buttons are easy to find, although the volume buttons and mute switch are recessed and require a little more work to find.

The Sinjimoru INLITE Case retails for $9.99 on I’d like to thank Sinjimoru for sending me this bumper to review.