Apple is very well known across the world for there very simple but yet effective photo shoots. These shoots get the best out of the product. As you can imagine there is a lot of work that goes into taking the product photo. The Verge interviewed Peter Belanger, a photographer who has worked with Apple for years, to shed some light on Apple’s creative process.

In this interview Peter Belanger revealed all about Apples attention to detail and also how much work goes into just one photo shoot.

iPhone 5 Built-in Apps
iPhone 5 Built-in Apps (Source: Apple)

The team at Apple always has a really well developed shot list and sketches of what they need. I work with their talented art directors to translate those sketches into photos. We start by getting the position of the product and then move forward on lighting. Because Apple products have such carefully selected materials it is incredibly important to light the product in a way that will showcase the various materials accurately.

Peter uses lots of different lights and also lots of different techniques to capture such the smallest detail. Here is a photo of just one of his setups.

Apple Photo Shoot Setup
Apple Photo Shoot Setup

I pick an area to start with and think about how that material needs to be described. Once that section is done I move on to the next. This is how my sets get so complicated! I need to have control over each and every surface so when the client asks for a highlight to be elongated, I can do that. It’s similar to working on a file in Photoshop: you don’t do all your work on one layer. I think of my lights as layers that I can adjust individually to get the desired results.

He captures the majority of his images with the Canon 5D Mark III, using a 24–70mm lens. Belanger’s full interview, which details more of his personal creative process and the tools that he uses, can be found at The Verge.

[Via Macrumors]