Fotor is a clean photo-editing application that is packed with many different options and settings. When you first open the app, you can either edit a photo or create a collage.

The edit screen is split up into 6 options. The first is Scenes. In Scenes, you can easily change multiple settings in one click. You can choose from an auto setting to a food setting. You can crop the photo in the crop section. It simple to crop and you can also choose between different sizes and aspect ratios.

In the Adjust section you can manually adjust the exposure, brightness, contrast and saturation. You can also change the white balance and add a vignette. If your photo isn’t straight, you can straighten the photo.

In the Effects section, you can choose between a selection of Instagram-style effects and presets to colour an image a certain way. In the Borders section, you can select between different borders and styles.

You can add a Instagram-style tilt-shift and select between different F stops to change the amount of blur. You can add a radial tilt-shift or a straight-line tilt-shift.

You can export the image to your hard drive, or directly share it to Facebook or Twitter.

In the Collage mode, you can select between many different styles and layouts for your collage. You can have between 2 to 9 photos in a collage, or you can go into Freestyle mode and move around your images and choose a background.

Fotor is a great free simple photo editing app for the mac. You can find it in the Mac App Store. You can also download Fotor for your Windows PC, Android phone or your iPhone.