The Aluminium Sinjimoru Sync Stand is a stand designed for the iPhone and iPod, but does work with other devices. It is sturdy and rigid so it won’t fall over easily. The inner sides of the stand have rubber padding to protect your device once it is in the stand. The back features a hole so you can feed your charging cable through and charge your phone. It supports the Apple 30-pin dock connector, Lightning Cable and Micro-USB cable.

All you have to do use the included holder for your cable and snap it into the stand. This then conveniently places the cable so you can dock your phone and let it charge.

The design of the stand looks great. It is derived from the Apple logo and is a great shape so you can view the screen of your smart phone. Once your device is in the stand you can use it to type, FaceTime, consume media and more. It provides a great angle to view the screen.


It comes in two colours, silver and black. It weighs 100 grams and is 67mm tall. It does prop your phone up slightly, but if you are using it at a desk it works great.

If you are looking for a nicely designed stand for your phone that also allows you charge your device as well, then go with the Sinjimoru Sync Stand. You can but it directly from Sinjimoru’s website here, or on

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