I have always wondered how the next-generation of gaming will go, with Sony and Microsoft battling it out at the end of the year to get those first sales of their new consoles, the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One.

xbox-one-angleThe way I see the ‘Console War’ is quite simple really. When Microsoft announced the Xbox One in May, they mentioned TV & Media more than anything, and mentioned how the Xbox One will be in the living room. This to me is quite a crazy move for Microsoft, even though Kinect is aimed at the family, I feel that they are somewhat pushing away the hardcore gamers and going directly for the market Nintendo tend to dominate. In terms of Sony and the Playstation 4, they are aiming directly for the hardcore gamers. The console carries a very impressive specification, and even though to this moment we haven’t seen the look of the console, I am quite sold on the console.

ku-xlargeWhen it comes to controllers, I am completely sold on the Xbox One’s controller. The PS4 controller looks nice, however I feel its still lacking in comparison to Xbox’s controller offering. The layout of the Xbox One controller is in theory a lot better in comparison, the analog sticks are in the right places, the triggers are a lot better compared to Sony’s choice, and I feel it has a more chunky feeling in comparison. I grew up with Sony and I guess I should be accustomed to their controller style, but something puts me off every time I use them.

gran_turismo_6_logo-590x330I think for launch title games, we will be seeing some exclusives and some generic multi-platform  titles. Already announced are both Forza 5 and Gran Turismo 6, both of wish I am quite looking forward to try out to see how they compare. When you look at Forza 4 & Gran Turismo 5 you can really tell the differences. The Forza line goes down the graphics route and Gran Turismo seems to go down the performance and sheer experience route. I guess I am being biassed here and will say I am 100% Gran Turismo, however I do like to have a quick drop into Forza every now & then, given the chance.

So what are your thoughts on the next generation of consoles? And more importantly, do you think Nintendo will actually try bringing something new out to compete, or will the Wii-U hold out against these computing giants.