Thunderbolt, that small connector that Apple have included in Mac since 2011, hasn’t really taken off yet. However, Intel is still updating the technology, and the company revealed some new details about the next generation of Thunderbolt.


Intel has officially named its next-gen high-speed data port ‘Thunderbolt 2’ and it will double the speed of the first-gen Thunderbolt by supporting 20Gbps on one connection. On a company blog post, Intel posted this:

Thunderbolt™ 2”, this next generation of the technology enables 4K video file transfer and display simultaneously – that’s a lot of eye-popping video and data capability.  It is achieved by combining the two previously independent 10Gbs channels into one 20Gbs bi-directional channel that supports data and/or display…

The addition of DisplayPort 1.2 support in Thunderbolt 2 enables video streaming to a single 4K video monitor or dual QHD monitors.

Intel says that Thunderbolt 2 will be fully backwards compatible with Thunderbolt 1.

Thunderbolt 2 will be built into future chipsets that will hit the market at the beginning of 2014.