I listen to music a lot, so I’m always looking for cool apps that improve my listening experience. I’m quite fond of the Mac app Bowtie, but Muzzy is starting to become my favourite. Muzzy is a small menu bar application that allows you to see what album or song you are listening to without brining up iTunes.

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The design of the app is pretty simple, it’s a menu bar app. The icon is a musical note, and once clicked it shows you the album cover of the song that you are listening to. The name and the current time of the track are displayed. If you press the menu button at the top right of the window, you are shown all of the songs that are in the album yu are listening to, similar to the iOS Music app.


When the next song is played, a blue bubble appears for around 5 seconds that shows the name of the current song. If you don’t like this, you can turn it off in the settings of the app.


When a song is playing, you can click anywhere on the album art to fast forward or rewind the song to your favourite moment. If you have lyrics added to the song file, Muzzy shows a small grey bar at the base of the album art that once clicked, slides out the lyrics of the song.

The settings of the app are pretty standard. You can choose whether you want Muzzy to open at login, turn on or off the track changes bubble and enable Plugout. Plugout is a handy feature. If it is enabled, if you remove headphones from your mac, it will pause your music. It’s a great feature that iOS devices have, but Macs don’t.

If you are frequently minimising and maximizing your iTunes windows to see what song or album you are listening to, then Muzzy is for you. You have quick access to some basic features of iTunes without opening up the application. It’s also quite fun to skip around a song at the click of a button.

Plugout is what made it for me. Having the ability to stop your music just by pulling out your headphones is so helpful in many situations. However, the only major downside to the app is that there isn’t a Play/Pause button. Sure you have one on your Mac’s keyboard, but it would be nice if you could just click to pause the song. Hopefully that will be added in a future update.

You can get Muzzy for free in the Mac App Store, or from