iOS 7 Home Screen

At WWDC 2013, Apple unveiled their latest upgrade to their mobile operating system, and it’s called iOS 7. As expected, it is a massive change, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Apple have ditched the skueomorphic design for a more sleeker, simpler and psychedelic look.

Apple have stripped down the UI to an even more simpler look. The old iOS is completely gone, and replaced with something that looks  like a toddler has designedApple have revamped everything and improved many parts of the operating system. Calendar looks a lot cleaner, weather looks a lot more beautiful, and even messages looks nicer.

Apple has said that iOS 7 is focused on transparency and layering. There is a new feature called Control Center that is available everywhere, even on the lock screen, and you can change settings and it includes a built-in flashlight.

iOS 7 - Apps

Apple focused on Safari a lot. There is no longer an eight tab limit, and you can quickly access all of your favourites with one-tap. There is a new tab interface which looks a lot like rolodex.

AirDrop is also coming iOS, making it even easier to share to other devices via iOS’ share sheet.

With the camera app, Apple have brought a lot of new features. Apple said it is “four cameras in one”. It now includes built-in photo filters, similar to the Twitter app for mobile. You can swipe between camera, video and a square crop mode.

Photos has also been totally re-imagined. The new app now organises photos by dates and locations – and iCloud photo sharing is supported too.

Siri is also being updated. It’s having a huge revamp, with an all-new interface. Apple promises the experience will be a lot better than now. Siri now sounds a lot more life like, it’s quite scary actually. You can toggle between a Man or a Woman, which is great if you live in UK as we only get a Man. Siri also now integrates with supported cars, with iMessage, Maps and Siri right there in your indash display.

Apps now update in the background, so you no longer have to tap into the App Store and manually press update all.

Apple didn’t have to time to talk about all of the other new features, but they include things like: FaceTime audio for free Wi-Fi calling, Notification sync support, Message blocking, Long MMS support and much more.

iOS 7 is available for developers today, and the rest of us have to wait until the fall.