wz-kdeab_f2fApple has announced the new MacBook Air line-up being released later in this year. The new MacBook Air’s contain the new Intel ‘Haswell’ processors which brings new increases in performance in both processing power and graphics, offering up to 40% more graphical performance over the previous versions. Apple hasn’t announced which specific processors will be in the MacBook Air’s, but they will use i5 and i7 Chips with the Intel HD 5000 Graphics set. Alongside the new power-station changes, the new MacBook Air’s contain 802.11 AC WiFi. Other performance boosts include increased battery performance and the Up-To-Date addition for OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

The new 2013 MacBook Air’s are available today from the Apple Store with lowered prices, the 11-inch starting at $999 for 128GB Storage, and the 13-inch starting at $1099 for 128GB.

From a personal view point I feel this is a fantastic upgrade for the MacBook Air line-up. The offering of the new processor architecture alongside new graphics will be a brilliant increase, something I am looking for in a new Mac. In terms of accessories you can expect a slew of new accessories coming out for the new Air’s, including MacBook Air 11 cases, and 13 cases which are already compatible with previous generations.

Will I be getting a 2013 MacBook Air? Probably not personally. I have a 2012 MacBook Pro that I cherish, and I would say I am waiting for the Mac Pro. However anyone who is looking for a new Mac, or maybe their first Mac, I would highly recommend the Air line-up.