2013 Mac Pro

As you all know on Monday, Apple announced new software and also new hardware. With new hardware they announced the New Mac Pro. Finally Apple are going to make major changes to this product. The last time they made a change was back in 2010 and that wasn’t anything major at all.

I really like how small this computer is going to be. It s 1/8 the size of the current Mac Pro. Overall the computer is about 2x faster than the current computer.

But there are a few problems. The major one being is that it is not very expandable. You just can’t add hard drives and also you can’t add any PCI cards. This isn’t a problem for someone like me, but it’s not good for people who really want a expandable computer. Pro customers really want expandability. There is nothing “Pro” about the Mac Pro, it just has the speeds. Now there is really no Mac that is expandable.

Lets just wait until this Fall and see what the price is going to be and all the extra details.