Custom cases always add individuality to your phone, but most are hard-shell cases and scratch your device. The Flexible Personalised iPhone 5 case from Red Snapper Photo is the complete opposite. Like it says in the name, the case is a strong flexible piece of silicone with your custom photo on it.  The printing technology that Red Snapper Photo uses is incredible, your image is thermally embedded deep into the case so it won’t scratch, peel or fade away. The design also wraps around the edges adding a complete finish to the case.

The order process on Red Snapper Photo’s Website was pretty simple, you just upload your photo and they do the rest. The result itself is quite remarkable. The quality is great , but you may come into some issues if your image isn’t large enough.

The cut-outs on the case are okay. The case makes the buttons recessed and hard to press, but you soon get use to it. The cut-out for the speakers, lightning connector and headphone jack are great and you can fit all types of headphone connectors into your phone. It has a lay-on-the-table design so your screen is protected.

On the iPhone 5, the case does however fit somewhat loosely. The middle section of the case doesn’t fit snugly onto the phone.


Overall the Flexible Personalised iPhone 5 Case from Red Snapper Photo is a great customised case to get. If you aren’t a fan of hard shell cases and you want something flexible then go with this one. The cut-outs are okay and the print itself is high quality. It retails on their website for £19.99 and you can also get cases for other device such as the iPhone 4/4s and the iPad.

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