i0DskzJ-M_P-1200x1200When you talk about file sharing and sync services you instantly think about the likes of Droplr, Dropbox, Google Drive & CloudApp, but there’s a new kid on the block bringing a whole different ball tot he game.

Cloudup is a specifically design-focused and quite simple view on file sharing, launching Today for Mac, and for web on desktop and mobile.

What differentiates Cloudup from the competitors is that instead of focusing solely on the use of sharing quick links to files with friends, the app attempts to make the viewing of files and pages a lot more elegant and wholly useful. For instance, if you drop a link into a “stream” which you setup on your account, something similar to a web-based Folder, Cloudup will convert the link into an Instapaper-styled page that makes it much easier to read, and also allows for much quicker load times. When adding videos and photos into Streams, Cloudup automatically transcodes them into a smaller file size, allowing for people on mobile to stream these files more smoothly.

The most important feature in Cloudup’s architecture, according to CEO Thianh Lu, is that you have the ability to share Streams before they are even finished. A friend can simply open a Cloudup URL you have passed on to them, and start browsing photos or videos as you are uploading them. This Real-Time viewing/uploading is an amazing way to share content, and works cross-platform on both PC and Mobile.

Cloudup are bringing the app to the Mac platform in the shape of a Menu-bar App, which allows for automatic screenshot uploading, Drag & Drop file uploads, and password-protection to files and Streams.You can even share whatever is the most recent entry to your Mac’s Clipboard directly into the web view.

Cloudup is obviously missing a few features, such as a Premium tier to allow for sharing over the current limit of 1000 items, along with native apps for the mobile platforms (iOs/Android/Windows Phone) and PC users, but the company has said these are all in the pipeline to be added down the road.