Video on Instagram

Facebook today announced that Instagram will now be able to record video and post it on the service. The app still looks the same, but next to the capture button there is a video button. Once tapped, the video button takes you to a video recording screen. To start recording, all you do is hold down the red button. Unlike Vine however, you can record up to 15 seconds of video and delete clips that you don’t like.

Instagram is all about filters, and there are 13 video-only filters. The company worked with artists to make the filters work perfectly with video.

You can also chose what frame of the video you want to display as the cover image for the video.

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Instagram have also included a way to stabilise your shaky smartphone video as well. They call the function, Cinema, and it’s on by default.

Video on Instagram is available now in the 4.0 update to the iOS and Android App.