Sony have recently had major problems with their premier console, the Playstation 3.


The problems began when their newest update, which was meant to improve system stability and add trophy notification options, giving users the chance to turn them off during their most intense gaming sessions. Instead, the update has been reported by many users to “brick” the console, making it unusable, with users having to reformat the entire console, and breaking it altogether.

The update was pulled later on yesterday, after the many reports from users, but this didn’t end the problems. A second problem came from a small outage on PSN, leaving users in the dark on the console, unable to go online and play their favourite games.

This has come after Sony “won” E3 with their latest addition to the family, the Playstation 4. The blows came from Sony thick and fast, making gamers and tech lovers alike scream with excitement to offer no DRM and the ability to play offline. This in turn made Microsoft change their original plans and copy the plans of DRM and offline play.

Sony understands the problems with their latest firmware update, and are trying to fix the problem as soon as possible to re-release it for users to download.

UPDATE: Sony have recently announced that the Firmware update, 4.45, will be re-released June 27th. This is following earlier reports as mentioned above. If you have already updated however, and were caught in the problem of the XMB not showing, then Sony have also announced that they will help ‘implement the solution’ some time next week.