Today I have a review of Despicable Me: Minion Run, I am playing this on Android and it is free for both iOS and Android devices.

2013-06-20 21.53.30

I personally love the Despicable Me films, and cannot wait for the second film, this game is that perfect reprise while I wait until I can see the film without feeling like the oldest person in the room.

The game takes the role of many other clones of the “escape an area into another area and repeat” game, most notably in this area of titles is Temple Run and the sequel. This is by far not a bad thing, but it has become the new craze after Angry Birds.

I personally enjoy playing the game, as all the things you would expect are there, from the minions to the enemies you see in the films, something of which I adore as I have a soft spot of the minions, I love the little guys and the game produces an exact copy of what you’d expect from them, mainly of their antics and fun.

The game is free on both marketplaces, but offer pay options within the game to get new costumes and items to help you get better scores, which I will come back to soon. The game does this feature very well, and gives you the chance to play the game without spending anything at all.

Another good thing about the game is scoring, which is split into three areas; Bananas, distance and overall score. Each of these also transfer to an online profile, where you can challenge friends and try to make them do better than you, the options you get for signing in are either using Facebook or via email. I find this feature perfectly good and gives the game a re-playability factor. You also have various missions offline to help you play further each time. These range from collecting a specified number of bananas to defeating the enemies for the first time, and it seems that there is an infinite number of missions to complete.

I have also played this game via tablet and found the controls to be even smoother, so the game is brilliantly ported between phones and tablets with ease. My partner hasn’t put the game down!

Overall I find the game very fun, but my only issue is that it follows the overall mould of most casual games these days, that being follow a formula that already works and capitalise on it. Gameloft have done this perfectly well though and made it a very enjoyable, offically licensed game.

You can find the game at the following links.