The battery on the iPhone 5 is good, but it definitely doesn’t last an entire day. The External Battery Charger from MyTrendyPhone is a great way to combat these battery issues. In the package, you get the external battery and a Micro-USB cable.

The battery charger itself is quite large. It is about half the size of the iPhone 5, but double the thickness. It is a 1800mAh battery, so it can charge the iPhone 5 at least once and it only takes about an hour to fully charge the external battery.

The battery is well-built and feels high quality. It does however get rather hot when charging a device. It has 4 blue LED indicators that show how much charge is left in the battery and there is an on button to turn the battery on. When you unplug the battery from your device, it automatically turns off in 10 seconds which is a great feature to save battery life.


The major downside for me though was the fact that you can’t charge your device if it has a case on. The lightning connector doesn’t reach all the way into the device so it doesn’t charge. You have to take the case off for it to charge, which I found annoying.

Overall if you are looking for an external battery for your iPhone 5, then consider this one. It takes and hour to fully charge, and it can charge the iPhone 5 fully once. It is quite large and it get’s pretty warm. The fact you have to remove your phone’s case is also annoying.

The External Battery Charge retails for £26 on They also have a large collection of iPod Touch 5G Accessories, iPhone 5 Chargers and iPhone 5 Accessories.