Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 12.44.19Adam and Matt decided to take a trip to the Rezzed gamer Show ( to see what was going down in the world of PC & Indie Gaming. Rezzed is a gamer show brought to the public by the teams behind the Eurogamer Expo and Rock, Paper, Shotgun. This year Rezzed took over Hall 9 of the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK. The show features some of the best pre-released PC games about to hit the market, along with some of the most creative Indie games from companies around the world.

Key games at the event included Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Company of Heroes 2, Democracy 3, Prison Architect, and a game we actually spent quite some time around, Surgeon Simulator 2013. There was also a dedicated area for Board games, alongside sales stands and the Creative Assembly Game Jam.

The major draws for the event were for Surgeon Simulator 2013, which had their Oculus Rift Developer kit there, Planetside 2, the major free to play MMO shooter, and “The Walls”, a Minecraft map which pits 4 sets of teams of two people together to survive in a war with the other teams, although they are at first sectioned off by four huge walls.

Another set of items shown used something that isn’t normally used with a PC; The PlayStation Move controller. The games shown for this were QuickDraw, a game where you need to shoot an opponent and last man standing wins, there were two modes shown, Standoff and Victorian style. The last game shown was GlowTag, where the objective is to be the person with the longest time spent untagged by opponents. Matt, our resident critic, tried these games and found them to be very enjoyable, and breathes new life into an otherwise dead controller. The draw of these games is multiplayer, and also the fact the games do not use the screen of a monitor at all, besides the game running in the background.

We had the chance to speak to some of the representatives of Surgeon Simulator 2013, to find that a future patch will involve the aforementioned Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra support. We also had the chance to see part of the all day competition around the booth, which pitted four people against each other to race to complete a heart transplant in the game in the quickest time. The action was fast paced, with support and tips being thrown to the players from the representatives in the area. The team were also showing off the recently released DLC for the game, which joins the game to the well known free game Team Fortress 2 in the way of the “Meet the Medic” game mode, which takes its life from the video of the same name. Again, Matt had a play with the game, and thought, although difficult, it was very enjoyable and frantic, it really hits the simulation style of games in the heart, and then rips said heart out to replace it.

With it being the first time this event has been held in the NEC, we thought the event was quite a pleasant surprise. Whilst walking around, Adam thought the event was “Quite a nice layout really, although some of the games which were near each other didn’t suit their locations, the event had a nice flow and works quite well. The over-18’s area wasn’t as well populated as I think it should’ve been, and this should hopefully be revised for 2014, if the event returns”.

Matt giving Surgeon Simulator a go
Matt giving Surgeon Simulator a go

Matt’s overall opinion of the event was much the same, but he also felt that the event wasn’t worth the price of entry somewhat, with the amount of games on show, but with such an items as the Oculus Rift VR headset and, in some cases, The Razer Hydra motion controller, the event lived up to expectations, the overall look was great with specialised lighting to compliment each booth and the games on show. His only worry was that event was really quite small and only took up about a third of the hall space. Again, the over 18s area could have done with a few more games, but what was shown was good enough to suffice the area.