The Musubo Hypergrip is made of a silicone type of material and is very comfortable to hold. It comes in 5 different colours including Black, Green and Red.

Inside the package, you also get a Foldable Video Stand, A Microfiber cloth and a screen protector. The video stand is quite neat. It has three different viewing angles and it can hold the phone, with or without a case, in portrait or landscape. The screen protector is pretty standard and is a great addition.

When holding the case you can firmly grip it which stops you from dropping the phone.

There is also a plastic band which holds the case together and also adds a bit of design change.


The headphone and lightening connectors are both accessible. And the speakers are open as well. Also the headphone buttons and the home button is easy to press.

Overall the Musubo Hypergrip for iPhone 5 is a brilliant case for your phone. It retails for $30 on the Musubo website.

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Video Review:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pbfCfuEQ0Q]