Apple today launched Logic Pro X, a major overhaul of Logic Pro that includes lots of new features, effects and instruments, as well as an iPad companion app called Logic Remote that takes advantage of multi-touch to integrate with Logic Pro X.


Logic Pro X also includes a new feature called Drummer, which is a virtual session player that automatically plays along a song in a variety of styles. Apple says the feature matches “professionally produced, realistic drum tracks”.

There is also a plug-in that let’s you create your own custom drum kit to make sure the sound and beat you get are spot on and unique as possible.

Other improvements include a redesigned interface that packs a lot more info an d controls into the available screen real-estate. Logic Pro X also has an expanded library of keyboards, synthesisers, keyboards and MIDI plug-ins.

There is also a feature called Flex Pitch that allows you to essentially auto-tune your vocals.


You can get Logic Pro X in the Mac App Store for £139.99 ($199.99) and the Logic Remote iPad App is free in the App Store. Apple have also update MainStage, the live performance companion application for Logic Pro X, which you can also get on the Mac App Store for £20.99 ($29.99).

Find out more about Logic pro X on Apple’s webpage.

Via: Apple, MacStories