SONY DSCI’m all for protecting the equipment I use, and general wear & tear protection is no exception, so I decided to give the ToughGuard case for my 13″ MacBook Pro a try, to see if it offered any more protection to what has to be my most treasured possession.

Now most people would say that a case for your MacBook is a bit excessive, but personally I see it as quite a good idea when it comes down to protecting your computer. As your MacBook is a portable machine, you might unknowingly knock it into something, or scrape it off of some surface, and a case like this will offer adequate protection against these kinds of situations.

The case is made from a tough and durable see-through hard plastic, which I must admit grips to your case a little too tightly. It took me a good amount of time to get the top screen cover off, which resulted in quite painful fingers. The base of the case, which protects the bottom and sides of your Mac, has all the holes cut out for the ports and your optical drive, along with ridges for excellent heat dissipation.

I must admit though, as I am purist when it comes to using my Mac, I have since removed the case and at time of writing this review up, I currently do not use the case. There’s something about it which I just can’t get the grasp of, I have nothing against the manufacturer, I just don’t feel like it could be something I could use long-term, and have since issued it into a corner where it will be kept until my Mac leaves the home to go on its travels with me, where it will be used then.

Overall i feel I could give the product a 7/10, it offers good protection, but its something you have to get used to. Also its a pain to get off when you want to remove it. For more information on this case, head on over to, or view their other Cases for the 13″ MacBook Pro.