I have recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S3, and instantly started looking at cases to protect it, Switcheasy were my first choice from word of mouth from other users. The cases they gave me was the Flow, Nude and Nebula models.


Switcheasy Flow

First I shall give my thoughts on the Flow.

The case fit the phone perfectly, and is a stylish and simple black colour, and is pretty rugged and does its job of protection perfectly. I do however have issues with it. One main problem being it covers the buttons on the phone, which makes it awkward to unlock the phone and use the volume rocker.

The case is made from hard plastic, with a back that offers a fair bit of grip. This makes for a good feel that makes you feel safe in the knowledge that it can take a fair bit of punishment. But this also comes with an issue of being difficult to remove.

The case also comes with some nifty added extras, which are a screen protector and connector covers, both of these are great added touches that can be very useful for when you’re out and about.

I feel that, while nice, I won’t be using this case very often, with my main problem being the aforementioned covering of the side buttons. This alone makes me feel that using the case will be for more adventurous trips out, such as woodland walks or anything where the phone needs more protection.

Overall, while I like the quality of the case, I feel that if the buttons weren’t covered, I would use it more often, but because they are, it feels strange, and I am often unaware if I have unlocked my phone or not, add to this the problem of being difficult to remove, the case doesn’t suit me. For this reason I give the case a 6/10.

Switcheasy Nude

Next I shall give you my thoughts on my favourite of the three Switcheasy cases I tried, the Nude. This was my favourite as it seemed as if I didn’t have a case on my phone at all. This is down to the aesthetics of how it is made. The case is made of a translucent plastic, and is coloured black, although there are other colours available.

I personally liked the case as it did not cover the side buttons and made it easy to turn the phone on and off, This was my personal preference when I was looking at a case, and this made my life easier, to the point I started using it more regularly than the others during the testing, due to being happy with how it fits and works.

The fit of the phone is perfect, and I had no problems removing it and putting it on, the only problem I had was that it picked up fingerprints very easily, but again, that is personal preference.

I had no real problems with the case per-se, as it seemed to be my favourite out of the three, but one problem I did have was the connector covers were out of place with the case, and while they did the job they say they do, they did not sit well with the case on.

Overall, I give this case a 7/10, simply for the reasons I have stated above, if the case was opaque and the connector covers made the case look complete, then it would be higher, but I fully recommend this case for normal, everyday usage.

Switcheasy Nebula

The final case I was given was the Nebula model, Which I found rather nice, but not my favourite of the three. Again, the buttons are covered up with this case, which makes unlocking the phone awkward and harder to do.

The case is made of a softer plastic, and is very durable, with a nice grip pattern on the reverse, I had the olive colour of the model, which is very nice looking, but the novelty of the colour wears off after a while.

The case feels nice to hold, and is very suitable for regular use, again, it came with a set of screen protectors and connector covers, which is a very nice touch from the company on all their cases, and much like the Flow, they all fit perfectly and made the phone look better than it did, while giving the coverage it needed to.

I spent the least time with this case, due to getting it a bit later than the others, but what I did spend with it, I enjoyed  thoroughly and while I will not be using it regularly, I will use it often.

Overall, I give the case a 6/10, again for the reasons I have stated, if the button covers were better designed, and made it easier to unlocked the phone and change the volume, then I would use it more often, but otherwise, it is not my preference of the cases I was given.

For information on the cases, and many more in the range, from iPhone covers to laptop covers, visit http://www.switcheasy.com and also be sure to take a look at their other products.