MacStix Review

The Apple logo on the lid of any MacBook is quite a common sight, but if you’re looking to personalise it, then the MacStix are for you. You can choose from a variety of different designs ranging from shapes to the command key.

Included in the package, you get the MacStix that you chose and a pamphlet that shows you how to place the MacStix onto your laptop.

MacStix Review - Installation

Installation was pretty easy. First you clean the lid of your laptop and then peel the back of the MacStix off. Then you carefully place the MacStix atop the Apple logo. Then you just smooth out the sticker and you are set.

The sticker itself is high quality and it definitely looks great on a MacBook. The glow from the Apple logo shines through the sticker and overall it looks pretty awesome. If you’re looking for a way to personalise your MacBook, then give the MacStix a try. They retail for €5 on

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