When I was looking at cases for my S3, I came across a company called Urban Armor Gear, who makes cases that are designed to be rugged and survive some pretty hefty punishment, I thank them for sending me the cases they have for review, I have the Aero and Outland cases.


I found the look of them to be quite nice, and I found the Outland case to be even more special with its bright orange colouring. The cases are made with a special composite to be very protective to the device within. The power button/volume rocker covers are made to be easy to use, and it makes using the phone just as easy as not having a case at all! Also the accesses to the connector ports are perfect size, while still protecting the phone as it needs to.

I had no real issues with the cases, it was designed to protect the phone through hard wear and tear, and it does it perfectly well, while still making the phone look good. The case is a bit too chunky, but seeing as it is designed to be this way, this is really something that can be overlooked easily.

I would certainly recommend these cases, especially to anyone that loves to take adventure walks or likes a more extreme lifestyle, but it is good looking enough to make an impact in regular living environments, which I have used it with the most.

Overall I give this case a 7/10, my only concern is the price range at a staggering $34.95 per case, but for those that live a high adrenaline life, price is simply something that doesn’t matter much. For more information on the whole range of cases from Urban Armor Gear, please visit http://www.urbanarmorgear.com/, they have cases available for various types of devices ranging from phones to tablet devices.