I have always liked the look of flip cases, whether it be a horizontal flip or a vertical variation. I also like the use of leather in cases. Luckily Elago was on hand to offer me both with their G5 Slim Fit Leather Flip case. I opted for the Jean Indigo version of the case, as it seemed more stylish to me.


When I first received the case, I had high hopes from word of mouth, and I wasn’t disappointed by the quality, it is very high end and has a nice blue colouring to the leather, accompanied by a complimentary white plastic case. I fell in love with the case as soon as I put it on my phone; it fit perfectly and gave easy access to all the buttons and connector ports.

The case also came with a microfiber cloth and a screen film, both of which are of high quality and easy enough to get used to using. From the time I had using it, I found it easy enough to live with under normal living conditions, and while the leather will no doubt wear over time, I did not see any of this instantly, and it held together pretty well.

One problem I did encounter was removing the phone from the case, but after a bit of working with it, it came away easily enough without too much hassle. Another problem however is the thin amount of plastic at the points that protect the buttons, the areas are really thin and look as though they could break pretty easily, however, don’t let this put you off, as it was obviously necessary to cover the phone while keeping the buttons uncovered.

Overall I give this case a 7/10, I do love the case for normal, everyday use, and while it has its flaws, which I have mentioned, they can easily be overcome with care and attention to how you use it, and for $25, it is a very well designed case. For more information on Elago and the products they sell, please visit http://www.elagodesign.com.