I recently made the switch to Windows Phone from Android, and since then I have been glued to everything WP related and have been following a wealth of sources to see what’s happening in the world of Windows Phone. This kind of caught my eye though whilst on the browse today eating lunch.

The spectacular creation you see above was made possible by Chinese designer KuanGaa Chen. The concept is a Windows Phone Surface, which would be Microsoft’s venture into the Mobile Phone world to sit alongside its Surface Tablet range. The above video runs through the hardware and software aspects of this ‘Windows Phone Surface N’, also including some quite extravagant features such as Holographic technology built into the Display, and a Transparent screen.

I’m a happy supporter and follower of concepts, but this has blown me away. Naturally something like this would cost considerably more than anything else we see on the market, but the sheer idea of this Surface N would make me buy it on launch day. I feel this kind of phone would be a true contender for “Device of the Year”.

Source: WPCentral.