I like cases that feel like I have no case at all, and still provide coverage to the most important areas, I went to Case-mate with the idea of looking at their Barely There case, and luckily, they were more than happy to provide me with such an item, in which I thank them.

20130805_190101When I received the case, I had some big expectations, as the brand make some pretty high quality cases, and the barely there case was exactly the same quality as some of their other cases, and I was genuinely impressed.

The case is made from plastic, and is very durable for the amount of protection it provides; the buttons and connector ports are all still accessible with plenty of room. It is very slim and comfortably fitting to the phone, and it provides the illusion that you do not have a case at all, unless you purposely show it off, which I enjoy doing.

From the time I had with it, I had no real problems with it, except for how thin the plastic is at the top of the button covers, but when on the phone, this isn’t noticeable. The case is also a bit difficult to remove, due to how slim fitting it is.

Overall, I give the case a 8/10, if it was easier to remove, then it would score higher, but for £18, the case is very high quality and I fully recommend it. Also the choices of colours are nice, and while I had the black one, others such as purple, pink or silver are available to purchase. For more information on the cases Case-Mate make, please visit http://www.case-mate.co.uk/.