Lumia 925_20130815_001When you have an expensive camera you like to take care of it, you always get the perfect case to keep it protected, and you get the perfect camera strap to hold the camera from your neck. I personally own the Sony Nex-5, and its quite difficult to really find the right kind of camera strap which would suit the camera, until I came across the Toma Leather Neck Strap.

This strap isn’t the most flamboyant or stand-out strap out there, its made of genuine leather and has that professional feel whenever wearing it on your neck. I have only ever had an issue with the strap when putting it into my bag, but that might be because my bag is quite small.

When out & about I have been questioned once or twice on what strap I use, I would presume this is from fellow photographers. They mainly seem to have the likes of Black Rapid or their camera’s included strap. I just cannot use the included straps, hence why I feel this Toma Neck Strap is the perfect solution for someone looking for a smart and sleek strap for their camera.

You can find the Toma Leather Neck Strap at for £19.99.