Here I have a review of the My Bunjee from

My Bunjee

The my bunjee is effectively a bunjee cord for your phone. Being a Bunjee cord, you just use the clip to attach to a belt loop and snugly fit the phone around the elasticated belt. So by doing this, if you drop the phone, it will bounce back up.

This device will fit any phone with more or less any case.

The design is very simple and looks good on the phone. It also comes in lots of different colours, black, grey, blue, pink, purple and white.

The only fault I can find with the product, is that when you are taking a picture or using the phone close to your face and you drop it, the phone could hit the ground.

Overal the My Bunjee for every phone is a good product for doing what it says on the website. It costs £6.95 from the mybunjee website. I would like to thank mybunjee for letting me have this product to review.