The NOW TV Box is a cheap smart TV box that is designed to make your non-smart TV smart. It has a large selection of apps that allow you to watch a variety of internet content on your TV.

In the box, you get the NOW TV Box itself, the NOW TV remote, a HDMI cable and power cable. Setup was really simple. All you had to do is connect to your WiFi network and sign into your NOW TV account and you are set.


The interface of the NOW TV is very intuitive. All of the buttons are large and you can easily find what app you want to watch.

In the Channel Store, you will find a wide variety of channels to add. From Vimeo to Revision 3, there is definitely something to watch. You can also find BBC iPlayer and Demand 5, but ITV Player and 4OD aren’t here just yet.

Video playback was smooth and the quality looks great. The box outputs a maximum of 720p, which is great for smaller TVs but if you have a large TV that may be a problem.


With the NOW TV box, you can also access Sky Movies and Sky Sports which is great for people who don’t want a Sky subscription. However, it isn’t cheap. To watch Sky movies, you have to pay £8.99 a month for the first 3 months, then £15 a month after that. A Sky Sports day pass will set you back £9.99. Everything else on the box is free so you can watch whatever you like.

The remote is pretty simple. The top row of buttons is for navigating and the bottom set is for when you are watching media. There is also a dedicated button to get to your Apps and the NOW TV screen.

The NOW TV Box is a great addition to any media center or TV. There is a large selection of content to watch, and as it’s all online, more and more is added every single day. Being able to access catch up services like iPlayer on your TV is great and accessing Sky TV with a Sky subscription will be handy for some people. However with apps for major services like Netflix and YouTube nowhere to be seen you may want to wait until you purchase the NOW TV Box.

You can get the box for £9.99 here.